Louis Mandylor


Louis Mandylor is most recognized for his leading credits throughout a variety of highly acclaimed, award winning films and television series, including the Academy Award-nominated box office smash hit comedy, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and its sequel Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. Additionally, he is known for his leading credits throughout the Primetime Emmy Award nominated series CSI, CSI Miami and CSI New York, Friends as "Joey's Twin", the ALMA Award winning drama sports film Price of Glory, CBS hit show Martial Law with Sammo Hung and Cant hurry love with Mariska Hargitay an Nancy Mckeon recently claiming some praise reviews for his anticipated release of "The Debt Collector - Louis Mandylor as "Sue" in The Debt Collector. "...I thought Mandylor's monologue about why he drinks was one of the finest acting moments of his career and was genuinely moving..." Theactionelite.com "...Mandylor stands tall next to Adkins as French's grizzled and burnt out guide through this new shady world he finds himself in. The two have a genuine chemistry that makes every scene they play off each other feel fun and breezy..." Aintitcool.com "...Mandylor's grizzled veteran collector is the perfect foil to the fresh-faced Brit..." Cityonfire.com Louis also just finished filming DOOM 2 for UNIVERSAL.


Film İsmi Yayın Tarihi
Avengement 1 December 2019
Battle Drone 1 March 2018
The Debt Collector 14 September 2018