Greg Burridge


From humble beginnings, Greg grew up in East London. Working in the family trade from a young age, Greg worked at London's famous flower market Columbia Road. As a boy, Greg knew that he wanted to do more with his life. He decided he wanted to leave the family trade and become a professional wrestler. It was with the money he earned working at the markets that he paid for his training. Greg started training in 2001, having his first pro match in 2002. Since then Greg has travelled the world wrestling live in front of thousands of fans. Greg rose in skill and popularity year by year, with his natural ability and extraordinary charisma shining through, quickly making him a crowd favourite.Greg quickly became regarded as one of the top professional wrestlers in Europe and arguably the top wrestler in his native United Kingdom. Greg also proved to be a great teacher of the art of professional wrestling, running successful schools in both the UK and Ireland, training wrestlers that are now top level international household names. He is Head Trainer and Co-Founder of the London School of Lucha Libre (LSLL). It was whilst on a wrestling tour of Thailand that Greg was first introduced to the world of movies and stunt work. Being heavily inspired by the movie "Ong Bak", Greg saw movies and stunt work as a natural progression from wrestling, using the art he knew so well as a tool. Greg has been in TV programs and movies such as "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows", "Ten Dead Men" and "The Royal Bodyguard" working as a stunt based actor. Wanting more, he started to train in acting at The Actors Centre in London. With his unique look, exceptional ability and natural presence it didn't take long for Greg to start gaining a strong reputation for his powerful performances. He landed a role in the original run of the hit Tony award winning play "Jerusalem" at the Royal Court Theatre, treading the boards with such talents as Mark Rylance. Greg has also landed lead roles in movies including "Welcome to Essex", which is set for release in 2014. A movie that has set a record for the most live non-CGI zombies in a movie, another being "The Recluse" playing the role of Horse, a modern day vampire. Feeling he could offer more, Greg wanted to fuse the two worlds of wrestling and acting and develop a hybrid fight technique that could be used for filming. Greg developed the technique he has labelled "Grap Fu". This technique soon landed him roles as fight director/actor on movies "Figments", "Trails of Blood" and "The Accelerator". It also took him into the world of advertising working for Vodafone on their German TV marketing campaign and Phileas Fogg crisps. Greg has also took his hand to producing choreographing and directing his own "Grap Fu" action movie set for release in 2014.


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Avengement 1 December 2019